Glow Guide Live

Always wondering what to watch on TV?  Most people are taking 30 minutes to find something to watch when they sit down. People are complaining of no time to watch.  What if there were a more focused curated guide for a variety of streaming video and broadcast services? That’s what Glow Guide is.  We started it a year ago and now we are slowly emerging out of pre-Beta state.  You get a guide each week of 7 things to watch based on what services you have – sign up at



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It’s in an Alpha stage.

Tim Cook does a Huell Howser in India
I can relate to how he’s feeling. Not sure about the 345am start though.


phobia vr

Pixar pool table

Of all the office games to have, I think pool is the best one as it allows for a game to be played while having a meaningful conversation – Pixar agrees. Seen one in Google shots too.