Pixar pool table

Of all the office games to have, I think pool is the best one as it allows for a game to be played while having a meaningful conversation – Pixar agrees. Seen one in Google shots too.

Remember your history

A lot of this was going on around me as I walked, ran, swam, biked and drove around the Valley – respect for the creators and drivers pushing things forward.

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Apple Watch + Interaction

I think the hardware makes sense and has potential but the software needs some more attention and simmering.

Steve Johnson weighs in on the crown and John Gruber has some thoughts: http://daringfireball.net/2015/05/apple_watch_interaction_model

Solid 2014: Robot Dance Party demo

There are many different things from this live demo done at the O’Reilly Solid conference this week which parallel some of my current thinking and planning.

Man Utd visit the west coast on Wed. July 23

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena is a great venue to watch soccer in. I understand the Man Utd – Real Madrid in Ann Arbor, Michigan just sold out in 24 hours (109,000 seats).

Not sure how many of the World Cup players will be there … Get ready



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